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Keeping It Simple

Just lately I have really been loving wearing simple necklaces and also layered necklaces, I have never really been a "chunky necklace" kind of person my necklaces have to be kept simple with just one small pendant on if it's just one necklace, or if it's a layered necklace then the chains all have to be the thin kind.

Firstly I will show you the 2 necklaces that I have been wearing all the time just lately, alternating them to style whatever outfit I'm wearing that day. I will then share with you a couple of necklaces that I'm loving the look of over on Lyst.co.uk and hoping to purchase some time soon.

Primark Layered Necklace

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures!

Instagram Edit
I have really been trying hard to work on my Instagram just lately, and trying to grow my audience on there aswell. I first decided on how I wanted my Instagram account to look and also got some inspiration from a few of my favourite accounts, and decided I wanted a clean white theme for mine and started going about this by slowing upping my photography game and what I actually posted on there.